YAMAHA YZF750 1993-1997



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This motorbike exhaust is for the Yamaha YZF750 1993-1997 and comes with a link pipe fitting,

1 x Stainless 304 Cnc Mandrel bent link pipe

1 x Stainless Exhaust Strap

1 x Exhaust Strap Rubber

This exhaust is made to fit straight to the standard OEM downpipes.




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White, Polished Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carbon, Black, Blue


Round GP, Oval, Round, Tri Oval


Evo Outlet, GP Pro Outlet, Single Outlet, Twin Outlet, Carbon Outlet


Race, Road Legal


Single Outlet – single 54mm diameter rolled outlet. Best performing outlet in a road-legal /race. Simple and effective.
Twin Outlet – twin 40mm diameter rolled outlets. This has the ‘best of both worlds’, quieter than the single outlet with baffles inserted, and Louder than the single outlet with the baffles removed. (Both outlets working in the road-legal form).
Carbon Outlet -Our superior outlet range with a choice of a smooth, sleek Oval, ultra-modern Tri-oval, and now our all-new for 2020 Round outlet. These outlets give your exhaust the distinctive, expensive finish without the expensive price tag.
GP Pro Outlet – Comes with a large 63mm diameter slash-cut finish, and can come with and without road-legal baffles.
Stainless_tri-oval_EVO-carbon-outlet-1 The Evo Outlet – Is a new, modern 2020 design. The sleek, tapered lines compliment any road – track or race bike


Round GP – Ø98mm Our smaller round exhaust shape and is usually 250mm Long (this exhaust shape is perfect for the customer who wants a louder sound on a standard sized bike).
Round – Ø110mm Our Normal-sized exhaust shape and can come in sizes from 250mm to 450mm Long. (This is our standard sized exhaust and performs excellently on most bikes).
Oval – working from 110mm Ø is sized 98mm wide and 122mm High and can come in sizes from 250mm to 450mm Long. (This is our slimmest design, for inverted under-seat exhausts, or for customers/Racers who need the slimmest streamlined spacers to ride through).
Tri Oval – working from 110mm Ø is sized 98mm wide and 122mm High and can come in sizes from 250mm to 450mm Long.
(This is our Premium shaped design. (Designed back in 2002′ our company was the first in the UK to produce this exclusive shape, have a look around and see how many UK companies have copied us!!).


Our Exhausts are internally constructed in stainless steel and the outer sleeve can be made in stainless steel, titanium or carbon fiber. MTC ONLY uses the best grade materials.

Polished Stainless Steel – Grade T304 + T409 (a single slip-on exhaust normally weighs 1.9 kilos).
Satin Stainless Steel – Grade T304 + T409 (a single slip-on exhaust normally weighs 1.9 kilos).
Titanium – Grade 2 + 3 mill finish (a single slip-on exhaust normally weighs 1.7 kilos).
Carbon Fibre – 4 x 4 twill prepreg autoclave cured, foiled lined (a single slip-on exhaust normally weighs 1.2 kilos).

Our coloured exhausts have stainless steel sleeves that are painted prior to assembly. The item is electrostatically coated with high-grade polyester powder and cured at 200º-220º deg C giving a durable, smooth and U.V. resistant finish with excellent colour retention. Colours available are matt black, gloss white and gloss blue.

All our Road Legal exhausts come with a Road Legal Baffle / Decibel Killer + BSAU ( British Road-Legal ) markings.

All our RACE exhausts do not come with a Road Legal Baffle / Decibel Killer + do not have any BSAU ( British Road-Legal ) markings. and are marked NOT FOR ROAD USE

2024 Road legal exhaust statement:

At Max Torque Cans we prioritise safety and compliance in the world of motorcycle exhausts. Our commitment to adhering to regulations is evident in our product design and labelling, and hence with new updates from ACEM, DVSA and DfT, we are ensuring our exhaust systems are compliant with new and upcoming legislation and regulations. Specifically, two changes detailed below:

Road Legal Exhausts: Our road legal exhausts will have the BSAU stamped markings and be crafted with non-removable baffles, aligning seamlessly with the standards set by ACEM (European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers). These baffles are an integral part of our design to ensure that your motorcycle exhaust complies with road regulations, providing you with a legal and enjoyable riding experience.

Race Exhausts and Silencers:  For those seeking an exhilarating experience on the track, our race exhausts are engineered to deliver optimal performance. Clearly marked with type approval markings “Not for Road Use” etched into the side, these exhausts are specifically designed for racing applications. This distinction is in line with DVSA policy, ensuring that our race exhausts are suitable for track use, meeting the highest performance standards without compromising on safety.


3D View

Please click on the exhaust below to see the 3D model