Quill Performance Exhausts were asked by a World class Motorcycle stunt rider Mattie Griffin to develop a new exhaust system for the BMW G310R.
The BMW G310R is a lightweight small capacity motorcycle which is ideal for Mattie Griffin to use in his company for teaching Stunt riding and wheelies.
First of all Mattie and his Stunt team live in Galway Ireland and it was a bit too far to logistically collect and deliver their bike to develop a system on.
So we contacted a colleague who works at Williams BMW, who luckily had a spare bike they could lend for development, the bike was collected and delivered to our factory in Burscough Lancs L40 8TG.
In our workshop, we set about developing a de-catted system making sure the correct diameter pipework was used (with no restrictions) and a correct tuned length making sure we could utilise the original exhaust mount. Whilst also machining a new inlet header collar and flange to marry up to the cylinder head.
Once the system was finished with the correct size rear silencer (to make sure it reached Road-legal requirements when needed), we manufactured a jig so we can consistently replicate the parts needed in the system. And also took pics and sound files to show Mattie Griffin what we had achieved.
The weight saving on both standard and aftermarket pipe was as follows
Standard box 5.850 KG’s
MTC Pipe 1.30 KG’s
The bike was built back up with brand a new MTC system and it was transported back to Williams BMW Manchester.

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