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QuikFit Wadding KitQuikFit Wadding Kit

A new, inexpensive and easy way to repack your silencer | exhaust | muffler
Suits majority of most silencers

Uses our Hi-Grade quality needlemat 'e' glass

E-Glass wraps are produced from needle mat cut to shape then wrapped around a cardboard core. The needle mat is wrapped around the tube to form, the wrap can then be inserted into the silencer and the cardboard tube removed.

Easy insertion - Speedy insertion

This is made up of:
1st Layer: A special cellophane inner
2nd Layer: Wire wool
3rd Layer: 'e' glass wadding
4th Layer: Film outer

Once the silencer is rebuilt, start the engine and when the can is warm the inner and outer layer of film dissolves and the 'e' glass wadding expands to fill the void.

Size: 450mm x 110mm

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