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Moto Guzzi GrisoMoto Guzzi Griso

Single silencer. Slip-on. Complete with link pipe, clamp, hanger loop.
Polished Stainless Steel, Carbon and Natural Titanium, with carbon tip options.

2 style options EVO2 or T3 - one price

EVO2 - removable baffle (included)
T3 Fixed baffle
Need a spare baffle? Click Here

Our standard range is based on a diameter which gives a better sound delivery without making the engine work hard.

Finished oval is 140mm high x 106mm wide (approx). Standard Length of 400mm (body), but we can make them from 300mm to 450mm, please enquire if you wish a non-standard size.

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Online Store | Moto Guzzi Silencers | Griso