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Ducati 900SS 93-03 (QP105)Ducati 900SS 93-03 (QP105)

Twin silencer. Slip-on. Complete kit.
Available from polished low-maintenance stainless steel to an ultra-modern matt finish

EVO2 - Polished Stainless Steel, Carbon or Natural Titanium, with cap options. Finished oval is 140mm high x 106mm wide (approx). Standard length of 400mm body unless otherwise stated. Removable baffle

REVA - In hexagonal matt steel with carbon cap as standard or full carbon, based on a popular design. Body length of 350mm (excluding cap). Only suitable for right hand models

MAXSPORT - A smaller diameter oval (350mm body, 124mm height) in matt steel, popular with racers, with the outlet welded to represent a more expensive titanium. Complete inc. removable baffle. Only you will know the difference

  • RS2steel
  • RS2carbon
  • TS1
  • XT
  • EVO2Stainless
  • EVO2Carbon
  • EVO2CarbonCap
  • EVO2FullCarbon
  • EVOTitanium
  • EVOTitanium
  • Maxsport

'The Design Collection' is our Limited Edition

TS1 - Sleek twin outlet cap in carbon, body of hexagonal matt steel with a titanium look

RS2 - Hexagonal matt steel with a titanium look and carbon cap or full carbon. This special cap is cut on the bias, which enables the gases to exit away from the bike. Suitable for right hand models.

XT - The 'baby' brother of our popular Reva, body of hexagonal matt steel with a titanium look and carbon cap, especially suitable for models up to 600cc and crossers, but can be used on twin silencer models up to 900cc

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